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Internet Library Policy

In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community,
the Chippewa Falls Public Library endeavors to develop collections, resources
and services that meet the informational, educational and recreational
needs of the community.

The Chippewa Falls Public Library does not use filtering devices to control information
accessed through the Internet, nor does the library bear responsibility
for its content. As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to
the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

All users of electronic information resources, including the Internet, are expected
to use these resources in a responsible manner consistent with the purposes
for which they are provided, and to follow these guidelines:
• Use resources for educational, informational and recreational purposes only;
not for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.
• Respect the privacy of others by not misrepresenting oneself as another
user, by not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords or data
belonging to others and by not seeking unauthorized access to any computer
system or damaging or altering software components of any network or database.
• Respect the privacy of others using public access workstations by not interfering
with their use.
• Make only authorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.
• Do not send, receive or display text or graphics which may reasonably be
construed as obscene.
• Do not alter the setup or configuration of library hardware or software.
Users are advised to exercise caution when sending personal information
over the Internet. Logging out your session will re-boot the workstation.
Learning to use the Internet is best done by doing. Although library staff
are able to offer searching suggestions and answer some questions, they
cannot provide in-depth training on Internet use.
• Computer time slots can be reserved in person; reservations cannot be
made over the telephone.
• Users will be limited to a set number of sign-ups per day.
• Staff reserves the right to limit individual time use.
• The library does not provide e-mail accounts.
• U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction
or distribution of copyrighted materials, except as permitted by
the principles of fair use. Users may not copy or distribute electronic materials
(including electronic mails, text, images, programs or data) without
the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Any responsibility for
any consequences of copyright infringement lies with the user; the library
expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility resulting from such use.
• The library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from
access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information
systems, or any consequences thereof, such as debts incurred from forpay
• Just as libraries do not vouch for or endorse the viewpoints of written material
in their collections, they do not do so for electronic information.
Selection policies which serve to govern a library’s purchase of written
materials may not apply to material accessed electronically. The Chippewa
Falls Public Library has no control over the information accessed
through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or
validity of its content.
• Library staff assumes that children under 18 years of age who are unattended
in the library have parental permission to use library resources,
including the Internet.

Library staff reserves the right to monitor use of the Internet workstations to
ensure compliance with this policy. Staff may ask users to remove themselves
from then library equipment if they observe any behavior which they judge to
be in conflict with this policy. Misuse or abuse of library computers or Internet
access may result in suspension of library privileges. Persons found to
have tampered with or altered any element of the computer or network setup
will be required to make restitution as determined by the library director.